September 15

Maths Games

Hola people! Today I will be telling you about my math game! So we have to work together in a group so I had one of my friends in my group the rest I don’t really talk to but I know them.So our game theme is ice cream theme! It’s a really good game but we restarted 1 time but it’s really good our new one our old on was really messy so we decided to restart.So it’s a game of bingo and it’s really interesting but my lips are sealed and I will write the rules on another blog! So ya I don’t really know how to do pictures yet so hum ya I will probably show you our game in the next post so ya this is just a thing of our game so ya byeeeeeeee!!!

August 18


Lots of people in our world are gay,lesbian,trans,pan and all those stuff.Lots of them get bullied for it and get mean comments on social media so we should get rid of all that hate!! I mean imagine if you were on of them and got all that hate i mean you would be sad. So this was just a short story of what people are going through and that could be hard so i hope you guys understand now what people are going through!! Byee

August 18

School Stuff

you have to go to school! you have to do work school school school! dont you hear the same thing over and over again it just gets into your head but… school can be fun! like we have so many subjects like art,writing,spelling all that are fun! if you just listen more you will realise its really fun! so today i will be telling you what i ahve been doing in my school. So we have been doing his name was walter and it is pretty intresting you get to listen to the speaking part and then write down your thoughts! come on that has not changed your mind yet wow you are tough work people so let me explain the next thing which should change your mind! so we have been doing indonision fpr the past week and its really fun yesterday we got to play match the card the in indonision and got to partner up with our besties like come on who would not want to partner up with their besties! even that has not changed your mind yet wow you really are tough work my friend!ok so this is the last intresting thing and if does not change your mind i dont know what will so….The teachers are crazy kind they so much hard work for us and for us and we do lots of crafts!! So thats all i got to say and if that hasn’t changed your mind idk what will..

July 28

I Am From Poem

Hola Amigos I know I have not been posting in a while but today I want to write about the poem I have made!! It is a I am from poem and it is really good! This is mine:

I Am From Perth where my roots are connected to.

I Am From writing where I can write down my thoughts.

I Am From learning where I can learn about stuff.

I Am From my room where I can relax and think about things.

I Am From green where I can see plants grow.

I Am From Earth where I can meet new people.

I Am From art where I can draw and sketch

I Am From books where I can read and think about the pictures in the book.

I Am From tablets where I can play games and watch Netflix.

I Am From family where I can spend my life with.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and see you in the next post!!!


May 12

Cinquain Poems!!

Hi guys! today I’m going to tell you what we have been learning in class. So we’re basically learning about poems, we’re learning about a Cinquain poem, mine is about a Christmas night. so I am going to show you guys my poem!!

Christmas Night


Hearing big stomps

Excited, Ecstatic

Santa clause chewing up cookies


I’m really am proud of how I did with my poem its just about Christmas night how a girl is in bed hearing big stomps hearing Santa chewing up cookies but she’s confused. Is she dreaming??

anyways that’s all for today bye guys!!

May 3

My Holiday!!

Hello its me again and today I will telling you what I did on my holiday! on the first day we went on jungle hike we did not go that deep in the jungle just so we don’t get eaten by animals. On the second day, went to a coffee shop and got some delicious pastries. And after that we went to our house and just took a break for 2 to 3 days. than on the 6 day of the holiday we were going to go to a hotel for 3 days but my mum had work, so we had to save the booking for another day. for the few other weeks we just stayed home and rested for a bit. and on the 10th school holiday , we went to Jurassic park and we had SO much fun!! but sadly it rained most of the time so we could not go on much rides so we only went on 1 ride called the dream swing . it was so much fun because we saw robot Dinosaurs (But all of us know Dinosaurs are now gone. they were gone for over 66 and 67 million years ago!!) and there was fire coming out of little boxes, and it was very very very hot because it was 10,000 volts! we also went to the city and had to do some work ,but the we went to the shops and got a few thing such as some paper clips and my sister got some stick on nails from and we also Lovisa, and we also got the hairclips from Lovisa.   after that we were going to go to the light show but we were very very very tired. and on the last day of the school holiday we did a few thing such as going to a food stall ,there was lots of thing there to and I even tried a Greek donut they were really good but also very big. but the we had to go to bed at 9:00 so that was not fun but then when we woke up we were very excited for school!!

Anyways that is what I did on my holiday!!!!!


And see you in the next post!!


April 6

About Me

Hello! my name is Shanaya and today I’m going to tell you a little about me. My favourite animal’s are horses, dogs and cows. My favourite colours are pink and purple and I think you agree these are the BEST colour’s ever! Also I really like butter chicken and dal soup, and for weekend’s I don’t like any fast food restaurants cause I get really sick if I have some. I really like cricket and gymnastics and the cricket team I support are the world cup team India. What I like to do in my free time is go to the park maybe even invite some friends over and I also like playing games on my Tablet. With my family in our free time we can go out for dinner or we go to the shops! Sometimes we do both in one day. And that’s pretty much about me! Thank you for taking your time to read this post!